Children’s Cleaning & Flouride Therapy

mother and child daughter brushing teeth in bathroomChildren’s teeth are at all times most susceptible to bacterial infections. This is because kids are unable to maintain proper oral hygiene on their own, and also because at times their diet includes a large amount of sugars which attract caries-causes micro-organisms.

Leading pediatric dentists encourage parents to start bringing their children to the dental office from as early as 12 months. Deciduous teeth, also known as the primary or milk teeth are just as important as the permanent dentition and must therefore be protected. Depending upon the age of the child, dentist may either recommend electric prophylactic brushing with the help of a fluoride toothpaste, or ultrasonic scaling to remove any plaque buildups around the teeth. These are generally painless procedures and we at Baucum Family Dentist make sure that your child feel completely comfortable at our clinic at all times. It is our belief that prophylaxis, especially in case of children, goes a long way in preventing caries and other oral infections for years.

Along with cleaning and fluoride therapy, we also demonstrate correct brushing and flossing techniques so that children can learn how to keep bacterial infection at bay while at home. We also explain to them the importance of a healthy diet, and how excessive sugar consumption can cause tooth decay. It is essential however, to bring the child in for routine checkups and professional evaluation of oral health from time to time.

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