Evidence Based Dentistry

With more and more research in the various fields of dentistry, current scientific evidence is being incorporated into many different procedures and diagnostic methods to improve results. Latest scientific data which is deemed most relevant to the patient’s oral health is used to enhance the effects of the treatment.

Not only is this beneficial for patients, who receive research-based treatments that offer better prognosis than conventional procedures, but it also allows dental practitioners to remain up to date with the current findings of the condition. The American Dental Association actively promotes Evidence Based Dentistry (EBD) nationwide with the help of an extensive database of researches, and funding programs.

EBD has paved way for prominent breakthroughs in oral healthcare globally. By combining scientific data, researches as well as the expertise of a dental surgeon, new treatments are being introduced which are far more efficient and hold promising result, thus making conventional practices obsolete.

At Baucum Family Dentistry, we firmly believe in the power of research-based practices and aim to give our patients exemplary services. Step in to experience the difference today!

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