Implant Placement

dental implant procedureAn implant is perhaps the best form of missing tooth replacement in dentistry today. Unlike dentures and bridges, implants replace the crown as well as the root portion of a missing natural tooth.
It has three main components; a crown, and abutment, and finally the implant itself. A crown, as the name indicates, is the topmost portion that is visible in the oral cavity. It is fabricated using porcelain and is made to match the shade and texture of the natural teeth. The abutment is the middle component which is connected to the implant, and upon which the crown rests. The implant is the portion that is embedded deep into the bone and offers anchorage to the entire unit.

There are a number of reasons why dental surgeons today encourage patients to opt for implants over other means of tooth replacement; these include:

  • Permanent replacement of missing teeth
  • Outstanding strength; capable of withstanding forces of mastication without fracturing
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Integrate with surrounding jaw bone, strengthening it and preventing it from resorbing
  • Maintain facial muscle tone preventing signs of premature ageing
  • Do not requires adhesives
  • Not prone to dislodgement and displacement
  • Highly biocompatible

Today, implants are being used to hold complete and partial dentures in place. In case of complete dentures, a set of strategically placed four or six implants can be used to provide anchorage to the prosthesis. The procedure guarantees complete functional, aesthetic and speech restoration.

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