Composites, also known as tooth-colored filling materials are actually synthetic resins with many different uses in dentistry. With a number of prominent advantages over conventional fillings, composites have now become the best, most widely used restorative materials around the world.

The first and most important advantage of opting for composites is their unmatched aesthetic value. Available in a large number of shades, these materials can match the exact color of the healthy teeth in any patient, making the restoration appear and feel 100% natural. Unlike amalgam, composite fillings bond micro-mechanically to the surface of the teeth, which means that they effectively eliminate chances of restoration failure and secondary caries. The technique is fairly simple, and thus chair-time is reduced. The material also possesses remarkable strength and can therefore be used to restore anterior as well as posterior teeth without risk of fracture under masticatory forces. Composites are entirely non-toxin, non-irritant, and their disposal, if any, does not harm the environment in any way.

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