hand writing tooth extraction with marker, concept backgroundExtraction is the process of the removal of a single tooth, or multiple teeth from the oral cavity. Tooth removal is indicated in a number of conditions such as:

  • Grossly carious teeth
  • Highly mobile teeth
  • Failed root canal treatments
  • To relieve crowding in orthodontic treatments
  • Complex fractures

There are two types of extractions performed in dental clinics based on the case; simple and surgical. A simple extraction involves the removal of a tooth using elevators and forceps. This type of extraction is generally performed on teeth that are visible in the oral cavity. A surgical extraction is performed using a set of different equipment and instruments used to retrieve a tooth, or portion of tooth from below the gum. Radiographs are generally required to determine the position of the tooth. Impacted third molars are commonly extracted from the jaw bone through surgical means.

Because incisions are created to gain access to a gingivally embedded tooth in surgical extraction, sutures are required to promote rapid healing and hemostasis.

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