Crowns & Bridges

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Crowns and bridges are categorized under a field of dentistry known as fixed prosthodontics. A crown, commonly known as a cap, is an artificial covering fabricated for a structurally compromised tooth, in order to protect it, and prevent any further damage from occurring. Crowns may be indicated in cases of root canal treated teeth, fractures, shape and size discrepancies, diastemas, large fillings and permanent discoloration.

Crowns may be fabricated using porcelain, metal, or a material known as porcelain fused to metal (PFM). The selection of the material depends upon the location of the tooth in the oral cavity and aesthetic preferences of the patient. During the procedure, the affected tooth is prepared by reducing its margins in order to accommodate crown seating and adhesion. When the desired height and width is achieved, an impression is taken to record the fine details of the tooth and its surrounding structures. With the help of this impression, a cap is then fabricated in the laboratory. This crown is cemented on to the tooth with the help of luting agents following a trial phase.

The same materials may be used for the fabrication of dental bridges. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth in the upper or lower arches. Unlike dental implants, bridges only replace the crown portion of a missing tooth, and therefore do not contribute to the preservation of the underlying bone. They can be created to match the shade of the natural teeth in the oral cavity. As the name indicates, conventional bridges use the support of healthy teeth on either side of a socket to ‘shoulder’ a hollow, artificial crown. The procedure is quite similar to the crowning treating, wherein the supporting teeth are prepared and reduced slightly. An impression helps technician fabricate a bridge that not only fits properly, but also matches the natural contour and morphology of the teeth. It is then fixed on to the teeth with the help of a dental cement.

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