Root Canal Therapy

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A Root Canal Therapy is the restorative procedure indicated when an infection surpasses the enamel and dentin layers, entering and affecting the pulp. The pulp, which is the third and deepest layer of a tooth, houses blood vessels and nerves supplying nourishment and sensation to the tooth. Infection of the layer is also referred to as irreversible pulpitis and can only be treated by the removal of the pulp, followed by the filling of the root canals.

The basic steps of the procedure are as follows:

  • The site of surgery is first numbed by the administration of local anesthesia, or a nerve block depending upon the location of the affected tooth in the oral cavity
  • The decayed portion of the tooth is removed with the help of a high speed bur fitted on to a mechanical hand-piece
  • The pulp chambers are exposed and widened
  • In a process known as Cleaning and Shaping, the infected pulp is completely removed from the canals using specialized K and H files
  • The canals are irrigated to create a bacteria-free environment
  • Using an inert material known as Gutta Percha, the canals are then filled
  • The core structure of the tooth is then rebuilt
  • A crown is fabricated to preserve the remaining natural structure

A root canal treated tooth, fitted with a crown is completely devoid of all sensation. If a pulp infection is left untreated however, it has result in early loss of a tooth. Book an appointment with the team at Baucum Family Dentistry today to learn more about how you can keep dental infections at bay.

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