Sealants, or fissure sealants are topically applied restorative materials used in prophylactic dentistry to prevent tooth decay. This treatment is generally performed on children as they are unable to maintain good oral hygiene on their own. The teeth most susceptible to caries in the mouth of a child are the molars, and more specifically, the occlusal surfaces of molars.

The procedure is completely non-invasive and painless. It involves the application of a thin layer of tooth-colored filling material on the biting surfaces of teeth most prone to decay. This filling acts as a barrier between the enamel and infection-causing bacteria, thus protecting the tooth. It is one of the most successful and effective treatments in prophylactic pediatric dentistry today. The procedure may also be performed for adults who are unable to clean their teeth and require additional help.

Because the filling is superficial, it may at times fall out. In these cases, patients can return to the clinic where the layer of restorative material is reapplied. Learn more about prophylactic pediatric dentistry and how you can help your child combat dental decay at home, by booking an appointment with the team at Baucum Family Dentistry today!

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