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picture of attractive female doctor with toothbrushWhile it is great to maintain a thorough oral hygiene regimen at home along with lifestyle modifications that promote better dental and gingival health, one must always visit a dentist for regular assessments and treatment.

At a dental clinic, hygienists perform regular cleaning procedures which help patients maintain good oral hygiene. This cleaning is referred to as Ultrasonic Scaling and it involves the removal of accumulated food debris, infection-causing bacteria and hardened plaque from around the teeth and gums. If tartar and plaque are allowed to accumulate in an area for a long period of time without cleaning, they may harden to form a stone-like substance called calculus, which at that stage cannot be removed simply by brushing. Calculus can cause irritation to the gums thus leading to inflammation, bleeding, pain and even bad breath.

During a routine periodontal exam, a dentist may superficially assess the oral cavity with the help of a probe and a mirror, followed by digital radiographs if needed. The dental exam is completely non-invasive and painless.

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