Veneering is currently the most sought-after treatment in cosmetic dentistry. With the help of technologies like CEREC and CAD/CAM, patients can have a complete smile makeover using veneers in a single sitting at the dental office.

Commonly known as dental laminates, veneers are actually fine shells fabricated using porcelain or composite resin, which cover the anterior surfaces of the tooth to conceal any imperfections. People generally opt for veneers to hide flaws such as chipped margins, gaps or diastemas, discrepancies in shape and size, permanent discoloration, old unsightly fillings, or simply, a less than perfect smile. By cementing these shells on to the teeth, a dentist can easily transform their flawed appearance to picture-perfect brilliance.

The procedure is generally painless. The dental margins are first reduced slightly to accommodate proper seating of the veneers. An impression is then taken to record the fine details of the teeth and their surrounding structures. When using CEREC, impressions may not be required as the same task can be accomplished with the help of digital mapping of the surfaces. Based on these impressions or radiographs, fine laminates of porcelain or composite are fabricated in the shade of the patient’s choice. These shells are then bonded on to the teeth with the help of a strong luting agent. Finally, the veneers are polished to give them a shiny, natural appearance.

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